1-Port Shrub Head Manifold - 67050

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Model number: 67050
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Description 1-Port Shrub Head Manifold - 205643246

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Product information

Add a Drip watering line to an existing shrub head or 1/2 in. threaded riser. This Orbit 1/2 in. MPT 1-Port Manifold features an easy-clean filter that helps prevent clogged nozzles. The manifold connects to 1/2 in. female-threaded pipe fittings (sold separately).
Adds drip watering to an existing shrub head
Connects to a 1/2 in. threaded riser
Includes filter
For outdoor use and cold water only


Rated 1 out of
darin from
Bad product
I bought 12 of these for tree irrigation so far 8 of them blew up (cracked in the middle) and I returned them, waiting for the other 4 to do the same thing.
Date published: 2016-07-29
Rated 5 out of
GJC from
Great Purchase!
Ordered product at local Home Depot, as well as, picked up order when arrived. Great experience.
Well made product and versatile for my use. Wanted product for its dual flow options, i.e. (1) connection with a drip line to individual plants and / or with use a "T", delivery of water two or more planting while (2) at the same if I elected to do so, either use or completely shut-off water from sprinkler head that sits atop the 1/2 inch riser areas that may or may not require water coverage to a large gardening area as required depending on planting needs and /or change-out to landscape layout.
FYI - To shut off use upper sprinkler head atop the 1/2 inch riser, simply used a screw driver to turn down the adjustment screw. Note: The "plastic" screen-filter found inside your separate "sprinkler head", i.e. that will sit on top of this 1-port shrub head manifold by screwing in, must be in good condition, i.e. "plastic" screen-filter cannot be cracked or shredded at its outer ridge. The outer "plastic" screen-filter's ridge is where the head of the adjustment volume screw butts against.to be able to completely turn off your water when not wanted. A broken, cracked or damage screen filter's outer ridge, i.e. edge will not permit complete shut down water from your installed sprinkler head. Either replace with new "plastic" filter screen to sprinkler head unit or buy complete new sprinkler head which comes installed this latter "plastic" screen filter.
Date published: 2016-06-03

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